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    - source: FHL film #292759-

YEAR - Page No. - Entry No.  / MONTH  -  Name of Groom/Usual Residence 
Name of Bride/Usual Residence  -  Parents of Groom  -  Parents of Bride  -  Witnesses 

1860- Page 1 #1  / March --

 John TAYLOR--['Gamond's Park'] --
 'Cathrin' Cromarty THOMSON--['Rockerskill'] --

   parents of groom: John TAYLOR/Barbara THOMSON --
   parents of bride: John THOMSON/Barbara TAIT -- 
    Witnesses: Magnus BERSTON, David THOMSON.

   [listed as a Deceased Parent: Barbara TAIT]

1860- Page 1 #2  / April --

 James BANKS--[Burray] --
 Catherine R. BROWN--['Hay Brake'] --

   parents of groom: James BANKS/Mary LAIRD --
   parents of bride: John BROWN/Barbara ROSS -- 
    Witnesses: George SUTHERLAND, William NORQUAY.

1860- Page 2 #3  / April --

 Magnus ROSIE--[Grimness] --
 Jessie PETRIE--[Burray] --

   parents of groom: James ROSIE/Barbara CROMARTY --
   parents of bride: William PETRIE/Barbara BREMNER -- 
    Witnesses: Robert ROSIE, William PETRIE.

   [listed as Deceased Parents: James ROSIE, William PETRIE]

1860- Page 2 #4  / May --

 William GRAY--[Windwick] --
 Catherine ANNAL--['Massater'] --

   parents of groom: James GRAY/'Catharine' SYMISON --
   parents of bride: William ANNAL/'Catharine' DUNNET -- 
    Witnesses: William SMITH, James LEITH.

   [listed as Deceased Parents: James GRAY, 'Catharine' SYMISON, William ANNAL,
                                                     'Catharine' DUNNET

1860- Page 3 #5  / May --

 George SMITH--[Grimness] --
 Isabella DUNNET--[Widewall] --

   parents of groom: Andrew SMITH/Ann 'ARCUS' --
   parents of bride: James DUNNET/Betty MANSON -- 
    Witnesses: Sinclair SUTHERLAND, Alexander DUNNET.

   [listed as a Deceased Parent: Ann 'ARCUS']

1860- Page 3 #6  / May --

 William LAUGHTON--[Grimness] --
 Ann ANNAL--[Grimness] --

   parents of groom: William LAUGHTON/Mary SUTHERLAND --
   parents of bride: William ANNAL/Ann WYLIE -- 
    Witnesses: Robert STEWART, Alexander ANNAL.

1860- Page 4 #7  / June --

 Edward COGLE--[Herston] --
 Alexandrina ALLAN--[Herston] --

   parents of groom: Walter COGLE/Jane BUDGE --
   parents of bride: Alexander ALLAN/Sarah DUNCAN -- 
    Witnesses: James LOUTTIT, George ALLAN.

   [listed as a Deceased Parent: Jane BUDGE]

1860- Page 4 #8  / June --

 Andrew DUNCAN--[Liddle] --
 Catherine THOMSON--[Crook] --

   parents of groom: Oman DUNCAN/Jane LYALL --
record describes Jane LYALL as having been the spouse of Oman DUNCAN,
            but I believe this is incorrect -- by my research, Oman married Elizabeth
             WRIGHT, plus both of Andrew's birth and death registers record him as
              the illegitimate child of Oman DUNCAN and Jane LYALL

   parents of bride: Magnus THOMSON/Helen BUDGE -- 
    Witnesses: James THOMSON, Samuel BROWN.

1860- Page 5 #9  / July --

 John TULLOCH--[Widewall] --
 Mary LEITH--[St. Margaret's Hope] --

   parents of groom: Thomas TULLOCH/Sarah SWANNIE --
   parents of bride: William LEITH/Jessie PARK -- 
    Witnesses: Margaret TULLOCH, James LEITH.

   [listed as a Deceased Parent: Thomas TULLOCH]

1860- Page 5 #10  / July --

 Peter SUTHERLAND--['Portsea, County of Southampton, England'] --
 Barbara ROSS--[Burray] --

   parents of groom: George SUTHERLAND/Christina KENNEDY --
   parents of bride: Samuel ROSS/'Catharine' CROMARTY -- 
    Witnesses: Alexander C. ROSS, John CROMARTY.

1860- Page 6 #11  / July --

 George ESSON--[Widewall] --
 Jessie LINKLATER--['Purgator'] --

   parents of groom: Arthur ESSON/Alexandrina SPENSE --
   parents of bride: George 'LINKLATTER'/Sarah WYLIE -- 
    Witnesses: William ESSON, Peter LINKLATER.

   [listed as a Deceased Parent: Arthur ESSON]

1860- Page 6 #12  / December --

 Charles S. SMITH--[St. Margaret's Hope] --
 Alexina S. ESSON--[Widewall] --

   parents of groom: Andrew SMITH/Ann HARCUS --
   parents of bride: Arthur ESSON/'Alexina' SPENSE -- 
    Witnesses: Charles SCOTT, John ESSON.

   [listed as Deceased Parents: Ann HARCUS, Arthur ESSON]

1860- Page 7 #13  / December --

 David FRANKLIN--[Sandwick] --
 Jane CUMMING--[Sandwick] --

   parents of groom: William FRANKLIN/Mary McKAY --
   parents of bride: James CUMMING/Jane THOMSON -- 
    Witnesses: John CUMMING, Andrew THOMSON.

   [listed as Deceased Parents: William FRANKLIN, Mary McKAY, James CUMMING,
                                                     Jane THOMSON

NOTE: There is a record in the Criminal Diet Book, Orkney Library Archive reference SC11/43/2,
            indicating a petition against David Franklin on 16th March 1861 for the crime of bigamy; he was
             jailed and then, on 20th May 1861, he pled guilty to bigamy and was sentenced to nine months
              imprisonment in Gent Prison in Perth.  This information provided by researcher Christine Horne,
               via Orkney Library Archive reference SC11/43/2- found within the Sheriff Court Criminal Diet
                Book proceedings commencing 7th April 1860 and ending 3rd September 1874.}