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    Your Aid in Researching 19th-century South Ronaldsay and Burray 

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   some personal home pages connected with
    South Ronaldsay or Burray ancestors . . . .

 -"Ancestors and Descendants of William Sinclair"
        - (family of John SINCLAIR & Ann GUTHRIE)
 -"The Annals of the Annals" - internet archive
        - (email webmaster for lots of ANNAL information-- SEE ALSO "Annal & Hulme Family History")
 -"Cromarty/Gray from Orkney & Shetland" - internet archive
        - (family of William CROMARTY & Margaret GUTCHER of South Cara)
 -"Laird, Wards, Kennedy & Anderson"
        - (scroll down, past the list of photos, to find the link to this family tree)
 -"Norquay Genealogy"
        - (strong focus on NORQUOY/NORQUAY surname)
 -"Sinclairs in South Ronaldsay, Burray and Hoy, Orkney"
        - (family of James SINCLAIR & Barbara ROSS)
 -"South Ronaldsay Connections"
        - (IGI transcripts for select surnames linked to webmaster)

        (if you've set up a personal home page regarding your South Ronaldsay
        or Burray ancestors, please write to me & let's talk about my linking
        your personal home page to my site)

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