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How to Get Full Details for a Birth Entry

   web site:


You can search in the indexes found at  ScotlandsPeople to a comprehensive set of a wide range of historical official records held by the National Records of Scotland, and not only for the birth registers found indexed on my web site(s).  The National Records of Scotland maintains a searchable index for statutory registers, church records, census records, and valuation rolls, among other records.  The explanatory and search pages are free, and viewing of an individual entry is on a 'pay-per-view' basis.  A paper copy of an official extract can be ordered electronically for delivery by ordinary post at the statutory fee.

In my opinion, it is a great idea to acquire from the NRS a full extract of your "record of interest".  If any changes or corrected entries have been made by the Registrar General for Scotland in the last 30 or 40 years, you will want to know about them.  If you are like me, you would agree that there can be nothing as rewarding as seeing the actual record for yourself - especially since my web site has not given you the actual date of birth or baptism anyway!

My transcriptions on this web site are accurate to the best of my ability.

 Ordering Family History Library microfilms:

The Genealogical Society of Utah, by courtesy of the Registrar General for Scotland, put the following years of civil birth registers on microfilm. . .
here is a summary of the FHL microfilm numbers, if you would like to order the microfilms for yourself to view images of the actual registers, from
    your local Family History Center Library :

  Old Parish Register births/baptisms  ~  # 990,512  &  # 990,513

  Civil Birth Register for 1855  ~  # 103,343

  Civil Birth Register for 1856  ~  # 256,450

  Civil Birth Register for 1857  ~  # 280,414

  Civil Birth Register for 1858  ~  # 280,475

  Civil Birth Register for 1859  ~  # 280,540

  Civil Birth Register for 1860  ~  # 280,603

  Civil Birth Register for 1861  ~  # 224,073

  Civil Birth Register for 1862  ~  # 292,911

  Civil Birth Register for 1863  ~  # 294,791

  Civil Birth Register for 1864  ~  # 321,179

  Civil Birth Register for 1865  ~  # 321,250

  Civil Birth Register for 1866  ~  # 332,589

  Civil Birth Register for 1867  ~  # 350,937

  Civil Birth Register for 1868  ~  # 352,713

  Civil Birth Register for 1869  ~  # 340,301

  Civil Birth Register for 1870  ~  # 352,785

  Civil Birth Register for 1871  ~  # 224,452

  Civil Birth Register for 1872  ~  # 300,058

  Civil Birth Register for 1873  ~  # 300,133

  Civil Birth Register for 1874  ~  # 329,007

  Civil Birth Register for 1875  ~  # 384,380

  Civil Birth Register for 1881  ~  # 232,620

  Civil Birth Register for 1891  ~  # 255,082

 Or, are you my cousin?

 Ask me if I am your cousin! 
Perhaps you are a cousin, connected to my South Ronaldsay Line?
Contact me and maybe I can help.  Otherwise, unless we may be related, please know that I will be unable to provide complete birth data for all of the entries which I have indexed on this web site, per my agreement with the GROS.

Thank you for visiting my web site!
  I would enjoy hearing your feedback!    - Lisa.