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'South Ronaldsay and Burray 19th-c. Births/Baptisms: Extracted Index'
was transcribed by Lisa Conrad, 2007-2019, from microfilm copies
of 19th-century statutory registers of births, for the years
1855 through 1875, 1881 and 1891, originally filmed by the
Genealogical Society of Utah during the 1950s and 1960s.
Births post-1875 and up to 1899 were transcribed
from records viewed from the ScotlandsPeople web site.

At times the handwriting in the old registers was difficult to read,
and the transcriptions were done to the best of Lisa Conrad's ability.
These transcriptions do not purport to be official transcriptions,
nor do they purport to be complete transcriptions of the registers.
It is recommended you consult the official registers for your own verification.

Scottish statutory registers, from which this web site is derived, can be amended
and corrected at any time if the Registrar General later finds that the information
in the entry was recorded incorrectly, even if the error is discovered many years later.

Since the microfilming by the Genealogical Society of Utah took place
several decades ago, it is possible that some of the information
gleaned from these microfilms for this web site has since been corrected
by the Registrar General for Scotland, and information shown here
may differ from possible corrected, official birth registers
found with the National Records of Scotland.
(On 1st April 2011, the General Register Office for Scotland and the National
Archives of Scotland merged to become the National Records of Scotland.)
The National Records of Scotland maintains a searchable index for
Scottish statutory registers at the  ScotlandsPeople web site.

By accessing the  ScotlandsPeople web site
you can search in the indexes to a comprehensive set
of historical official records held by the National Records of Scotland.
The explanatory and search pages are free, and viewing of an individual entry
is on a 'pay-per-view' basis.  A paper copy of an official extract can be
ordered electronically for delivery by ordinary post at the statutory fee.

The earliest record on the  ScotlandsPeople site is dated 1553.
You cannot search on the  ScotlandsPeople site for 'recent' register entries
(e.g. births less than 100 years ago, marriages less than 75 years ago and deaths
less than 50 years ago), so it cannot generally be used to look up living persons.

Site first launched 1 November 2010; last site update 2 Jan. 2019.