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    Your Aid in Researching 19th-century South Ronaldsay and Burray 

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 About SouthRonaldsay.net.

SouthRonaldsay.net is a research-oriented web site designed to aid those of you who are delving into the ancestry of people connected with the Orkney islands of South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona, and the Pentland Skerries.  Considered as "one parish" particularly for the purposes of the registration of births, marriages, deaths, and censuses, the islands of South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona, and the Pentland Skerries are separated from the northeastern tip of Caithness, Scotland, by the Pentland Firth.  The seeds of this web site started back in 1998, when I first began transcribing records while researching my maternal grandmother's grandfather, who was born on South Ronaldsay and then emigrated
to North America in 1857.  What began as a new interest for me back then has developed into an incurable
addiction to "all-things-South-Ronaldsay-or-Burray".

SouthRonaldsay.net's main intent is to provide you with extracted data from 19th-century births, marriages, and deaths in order to aid you in your family research.  This web site (initially, in its early days, under free server web space provided by my ISP which I have since discontinued and have moved all content over to my own domain name of SouthRonaldsay.net) originally began in 2001, with the launch of my 'South Ronaldsay and Burray Civil Death Registers: Extracted Index' web site.  That site I designed and initiated PRIOR to the on-line introduction of the separate ScotlandsPeople web site, which is now maintained by the National Records of Scotland.  Since the launch of my death registers site, I have also added a site for marriage register extracts, a site for birth and baptism register extracts, a site devoted to the 1821 Census for South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and the Pentland Skerries, a project for locating your ancestors' 19th-century signatures, a Contributed Photographs site, and a Queries section.
I continually try to update each of these as I find free time to transcribe even more records.

All information on SouthRonaldsay.net is freely given, at no cost to you.

SouthRonaldsay.net is definitely a "one-woman" show, designed, created, transcribed and updated by myself, Lisa Conrad  --  yet this web site nonetheless draws a few resolute and trusted researchers to my side, whose "fresh eyes" have been invaluable to me when I have been weary and bleary-eyed!  They graciously help me out on occasion, in my continual efforts to find old images of 19th-century records/documents for these islands and to decipher the old handwriting found in these records.  I have personally transcribed at least 98 percent of the records shown on SouthRonaldsay.net, and there are over 11,336 transcribed records viewable on the site thus far.

Please note that SouthRonaldsay.net was the first original on-line source for the South Ronaldsay, Burray,
Swona and Pentland Skerries 1821 Census, for which you and I have Dave Annal, Eric Annal,
and the late Alexander Annal to thank.  Their generosity is greatly appreciated! 
Images of the South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and Pentland Skerries
1821 Census used to construct 'SouthRonaldsay.net'
 are © the Alex T. Annal family of South Ronaldsay.

Hopefully, what you will experience when you make use of my site, SouthRonaldsay.net, will result in a fairly straightforward, consistent and rewarding visit  --  a visit that will aid you further in locating the actual registers pertaining specifically to your ancestors.

Many of you may know that it is the ScotlandsPeople web site that is the main resource for finding complete records of your Scottish ancestors' births, marriages, and deaths.  Please be aware that I am not officially connected with ScotlandsPeople nor with the National Records of Scotland, but they have kindly given me permission to post, at no charge to you, certain extracted information from the old parish and statutory registers for births, marriages, and deaths.  (ScotlandsPeople itself is a pay-per-view site, and can provide you with images of the actual register entries for a fee.)  I myself am unable to portray the actual images of birth, marriage or death records, as these are British Crown copyright and under the authority of the National Records of Scotland. 
Copyright and disclaimer information is included
   within each main data "sub-site" on SouthRonaldsay.net ...  
please read all information in each "sub-site" pertaining to copyright and disclaimers!

The birth, baptism, marriage and death register data
used to construct 'SouthRonaldsay.net'
is © British Crown copyright.

 Technical and Browser Information.

SouthRonaldsay.net takes a no-nonsense approach towards research ... this web site does not use music, Flash, applets, frames, forced downloads, image maps, social media, or ads, and the few javascripts which are used will not prevent you from viewing or navigating this web site if you have javascript disabled on your computer.  I am not formally trained in web design, but SouthRonaldsay.net was and is built by me, handcoded from "the ground up", on my trusty macintosh computer(s).  I have learned to build this site on my own, via on-line tutorials and with the advice of helpful friends.  It may not have all the modern looks, and the bells and whistles, found in many web sites, but it gets your Orkney research job done and this is what was most important to me when I began this site.

My main goal when I started this site was to try to make it accessible across many browsers and systems and visitors.
I have more to learn in order to accomplish this (a mobile platform may soon be under development), but, as far as I know, SouthRonaldsay.net should have a similar look across several browsers and resolutions.


SouthRonaldsay.net does not host a guestbook or forum, although I have set up a "QUERIES" page for those of you who wish to address queries to other researchers in regards to South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona or Pentland Skerries ancestors.  Please visit my "QUERIES" page to read about privacy when sending in queries to SouthRonaldsay.net.
If you wish to post a query through SouthRonaldsay.net, I have come up with a way to keep your email address
private from others, should you desire to do so.  If you initially instructed me to make your email address visible online when you first posted your Query and you have since changed your mind about this, you may contact me at any time to have your email address removed from public view.

Please read "Guidelines for Contributing Photographs" in the Contributed Photographs section, if you wish to send me photographs to be displayed on SouthRonaldsay.net.  My focus for this web site lies particularly in records and photographs portraying 19th-century material, and, hence, early photos or artist's representations of ancestors, places, or gravestones are of great interest to family members, researchers and other visitors to this web site.
If you do want to contribute photographs to this site, you agree, for this section of the site,
to have your email address (or that of the copyright owner) displayed so that visitors may contact you
in regards to any questions about your images.  If you have contributed photographs to this site and have since changed your mind about having them shown online here, you may contact me at any time to have your photographs, your email address and associated web pages in the Contributed Photographs section removed.
Other information you might share with me via email, in addition to that sent in regards to Queries or Contributed Photos, is generally kept between us unless you give me express permission to share same with any of your South Ronaldsay or Burray cousins, or any other Orkney researchers, with whom I might also be corresponding.  Again, please know that I am a proponent of privacy, and wish to respect yours, as I hope you will mine.

SouthRonaldsay.net does not knowingly take Queries or Contributed Photographs from anyone under the age of 14,
nor knowingly solicits or maintains general emails or information regarding same.  If you are under the age of 18, please obtain your parents' permission first before submitting a South Ronaldsay or Burray "Query" or "Contributed Photo" to this web site.  This web site is aware of COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act [see also
How to Comply, and COPPA FAQ's].  SouthRonaldsay.net itself is not a commercial web site, but is a privately-run web site geared towards the use of people seeking free genealogical information about their South Ronaldsay
or Burray ancestry specifically as it relates to nineteenth century records. 
I can be contacted by email, a link for which is located
at the bottom of all pages on this site.

SouthRonaldsay.net does not endorse the posting of living persons' genealogical data on the site, and highly encourages all visitors to practice an extreme amount of care with any of their relatives' personal information under any circumstance.  Privacy and security are important things, and this is one of the reasons that I decided to contain the focus of SouthRonaldsay.net to the specific time period of the nineteenth century.

SouthRonaldsay.net does not use cookies or forced advertising pop-ups.  I sometimes track how you were referred to my site by viewing the referrer's list found within my site statistics program, and also, which pages were viewed
the most during a particular week or month.

'South Ronaldsay and Burray 1821 Census Project'
'South Ronaldsay and Burray Civil Death Registers: Extracted Index'
'South Ronaldsay and Burray 19th-century Marriages: Extracted Index'
'South Ronaldsay and Burray 19th-century Births/Baptisms: Extracted Index'
'South Ronaldsay and Burray Ancestors' Signatures Project'
'Contributed Photographs'
'QUERIES  -  South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona, the Pentland Skerries'