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-  South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and Pentland Skerries 1821 Census  -


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  Calder, Bar[bara] -age 21   [South Parish,2].  
  Calder, Betty -age 21   [Blanster,172].  
  Calder, Donald -age 16   [Hoxay,10].  
  Calder, Elspit -age 61   [Hoxay,7].  
  Calder, Jane -age 64   [St. Margaret's Hope,93].  
  Calder, Jean -age 55   [South Parish,43].  
  Calder, William -age 67   [St. Margaret's Hope,93].

  Chalmers, Ann -age 18   [Blanster,117].  
  Chalmers, Bar[bara] -age 4   [Swona,3].  
  Chalmers, Bar[bara] -age 80   [South Parish,113].  
  Chalmers, Betty -age 18   [Hoxay,16].  
  Chalmers, Edward -age 44   [Blanster,117].  
  Chalmers, Euph[emia] -age 50   [Blanster,117].  
  Chalmers, Isobel -age 63   [Burray,36].  
  Chalmers, Janet -age 35   [South Parish,40].  
  Chalmers, Jess -age 2   [Burray,43].  
  Chalmers, John -age 54   [Burray,43].  
  Chalmers, Marg[are]t -age 54   [South Parish,113].

  Chirsty, Isobel -age 28   [Blanster,120].

  Christie, Betty -age 5   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Ja[me]s -age 7   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Jean -age 12   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Jean -age 75   [Hoxay,9].  
  Christie, John -age 2   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Margaret -age 10   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Marg[are]t -age 36   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, Mary -age 8   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, W[illia]m -age 14   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, W[illia]m -age 37   [Blanster,182].  
  Christie, William -age 79   [Blanster,183].

  Christon, John -age 53   [St. Margaret's Hope,67].

  Clark, Alex[ander] -age 2   [South Parish,39].

  Clouston, Bar[bara] -age 38   [St. Margaret's Hope,85].  
  Clouston, David -age 66   [St. Margaret's Hope,85].  
  Clouston, Jane -age 47   [Blanster,221].  
  Clouston, Janet -age 31   [St. Margaret's Hope,85].  
  Clouston, Joseph -age 24   [St. Margaret's Hope,52].  
  Clouston, Marg[are]t -age 35   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Clouston, Marg[are]t -age 69   [Blanster,104].

  Cogle, Bar[bara] -age 46   [South Parish,111].  
  Cogle, Bell -age 15   [Widewall,258].  
  Cogle, Cath[erine] -age 12   [Widewall,246].  
  Cogle, David -age 22   [Widewall,246].  
  Cogle, Edw[ar]d -age 38   [Widewall,244].  
  Cogle, Helen -age 17   [Widewall,260].  
  Cogle, Isabella -age 42   [Widewall,244].  
  Cogle, Jane -age 34   [Widewall,244].  
  Cogle, John -age 15   [Widewall,246].  
  Cogle, Marg[are]t -age 24   [Widewall,246].  
  Cogle, Margaret -age 45   [Widewall,244].  
  Cogle, Walter -age 40   [Widewall,244].

  Cooper, Eliza -age 15   [Herston,239].  
  Cooper, Kenneth -age 16   [South Parish,32].  
  Cooper, Margaret -age 56   [Blanster,219].

  Copland, Helen -age 29   [Burray,25].  
  Copland, W[illia]m -age 21   [Blanster,145].

  Cormack, Alex[ande]r -age 16   [Blanster,209].  
  Cormack, Alex[ande]r -age 67   [Blanster,209].  
  Cormack, Ann -age 19   [Blanster,209].  
  Cormack, Bar[bara] -age 32   [Blanster,209].  
  Cormack, Betty -age 25   [Hoxay,1].  
  Cormack, Betty -age 58   [Blanster,209].  
  Cormack, Janet -age 22   [Fairwell,25].  
  Cormack, Marg[are]t -age 28   [St. Margaret's Hope,97].

  Corrigill, Jean -age 36   [Burray,27].  
  Corrigill, Marg[are]t -age 4   [Burray,21].

  Craig, Jane -age 50   [Blanster,184].

  Cromarty, Alex[ande]r -age 13   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Alex[ande]r -age 59   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Ann -age 10   [Blanster,231].  
  Cromarty, Ann -age 13   [St. Margaret's Hope,96].  
  Cromarty, Ann -age 69   [Burray,13].  
  Cromarty, Arch[ibal]d -age 5   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, Arch[ibald] -age 30   [South Parish,32].  
  Cromarty, Bar[bara] -age 3   [South Parish,32].  
  Cromarty, Bar[bara] -age 7   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, Bar[bara] -age 23   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Bar[bara] -age 31   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, Barbara -age 37   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, Bell -age 12   [Blanster,231].  
  Cromarty, Bell -age 12   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, Betty -age 5   [Blanster,200].  
  Cromarty, Betty -age 7   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, Betty -age 12   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Betty -age 60   [Blanster,157].  
  Cromarty, Cath[erine] -age 23   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Cath[erine] -age 31   [Pentland Skerries,1].  
  Cromarty, Cath[erine] -age 43   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, Cath[erine] -age 60   [Blanster,198].  
  Cromarty, Cecillia -age 6   [Blanster,229].  
  Cromarty, Christy -age 69   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Eliza -age 25   [Blanster,224].  
  Cromarty, Elspit -age 13   [South Parish,75].  
  Cromarty, Elspit -age 27   [South Parish,32].  
  Cromarty, Elspit -age 45   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Elspit -age 56   [Blanster,215].  
  Cromarty, Helen -age 19   [Blanster,207].  
  Cromarty, Helen -age 42   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Cromarty, Helen -age 80   [Blanster,170].  
  Cromarty, Isobel -age 10   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Isobel -age 75   [Burray,10].  
  Cromarty, Ja[me]s -age 10   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, James -age 14   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, Ja[me]s -age 16   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Cromarty, Ja[me]s -age 17   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, James -age 17   [Blanster,231].  
  Cromarty, James -age 25   [Blanster,215].  
  Cromarty, Jane -age 1   [Blanster,229].  
  Cromarty, Jane -age 1   [South Parish,32].  
  Cromarty, Jane -age 6   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, Jane -age 29   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, Jane -age 44   [Blanster,229].  
  Cromarty, Janet -age 68   [Blanster,130].  
  Cromarty, Janet -age 86   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, Jean -age 9   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, Jean -age 19   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Jean -age 69   [Blanster,169].  
  Cromarty, Jess -age 8   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Cromarty, Jess -age 11   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, John -age 8   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, John -age 12   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, John -age 17   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, John -age 21   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, John -age 34   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, John -age 42   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, John -age 56   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, John -age 80   [South Parish,75].  
  Cromarty, Magnus -age 5   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, Magnus -age 7   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Magnus -age 9   [Blanster,229].  
  Cromarty, Magnus -age 25   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Magnus -age 41   [Blanster,229].  
  Cromarty, Margaret -age 2   [St. Margaret's Hope,70].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 3   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 5   [South Parish,32].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 9   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 11   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 45   [Blanster,194].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 49   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Marg[are]t -age 72   [Blanster,205].  
  Cromarty, Mar[y] -age 1   [St. Margaret's Hope,87].  
  Cromarty, Mary -age 4   [Blanster,207].  
  Cromarty, Mary -age 21   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, Mary -age 63   [Blanster,154].  
  Cromarty, Mary -age 81   [South Parish,75].  
  Cromarty, Peter -age 1   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, Rob[er]t -age 8   [Sandwick,280].  
  Cromarty, Rob[er]t -age 11   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, Samuel -age 27   [Blanster,224].  
  Cromarty, William -age 7   [St. Margaret's Hope,81].  
  Cromarty, W[illia]m -age 15   [Blanster,204].  
  Cromarty, Will[iam] -age 18   [St. Margaret's Hope,45].  
  Cromarty, W[illia]m -age 21   [Blanster,168].  
  Cromarty, William -age 56   [Blanster,190].  
  Cromarty, William -age 57   [Blanster,195].  
  Cromarty, W[illia]m -age 60   [Blanster,215].  
  Cromarty, William -age 71   [Blanster,205].

  Cruikshanks, Bar[bara] -age 5   [South Parish,66].

  Cumming, Bar[bara] -age 12   [Sandwick,282].  
  Cumming, Ja[me]s -age 18   [Blanster,193].  
  Cumming, Ja[me]s -age 42   [Sandwick,282].  
  Cumming, Jean -age 8   [Sandwick,282].  
  Cumming, Jean -age 42   [Sandwick,282].  
  Cumming, John -age 14   [South Parish,5].  
  Cumming, Tho[ma]s -age 4   [Sandwick,282].  
  Cumming, W[illia]m -age 10   [Sandwick,282].

  Cursater, Anny -age 18   [South Parish,90].  
  Cursater, Cath[erine] -age 1   [South Parish,96].  
  Cursater, Edward -age 25   [South Parish,91].  
  Cursater, Isobel -age 21   [South Parish,91].  
  Cursater, Isobel -age 66   [South Parish,91].  
  Cursater, Ja[me]s -age 5   [South Parish,96].  
  Cursater, John -age 70   [South Parish,91].  
  Cursater, Peter -age 20   [Burray,43].  
  Cursater, Stewart -age 3   [South Parish,96].  
  Cursater, Thomas -age 35   [South Parish,96].

  Cusator, Wilhelmina -age 27   [Blanster,230].

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