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"Mystery Photo"  -  Lizzie Jane Taylor SUTHERLAND and unknown family members
- date of photo possibly ca.1897-1899 - 
lived in North Parish, South Ronaldsay, Orkney


 special Query submitted to SouthRonaldsay.net 
(photograph found below this Query box)


      21 Feb. 2015 -
                surname  SANDISON/SUTHERLAND/NORQUAY . . . .

 Query:  I am seeking information about this photograph of family members of Lizzie Jane Taylor SUTHERLAND, a.k.a Lizzie Jane NORQUAY.

Lizzie (b. 1892) is the youngest girl in the photo taken, I believe, in 1897-1899.  The older girl to Lizzie's immediate left might be her older half-sister, Jessie BROWN (b. 1884).  The mother of both girls was Jessie SUTHERLAND (b. 1856) who died in 1899.  I am unsure if Jessie SUTHERLAND is in this photo.  The girls also had an older half-brother, Alexander Sutherland NORQUAY (b. 1881) but, again, I do not know if he is in this photo.  Alexander later married Jessie MAXWELL.

I am wondering if the older lady on the far right is Lizzie's grandmother, Jannet/"Jessie" SANDISON (married name SUTHERLAND) or Lizzie's aunt, Jane Louttit SUTHERLAND.

If you are able to help me identify any of these South Ronaldsay residents, I would love to hear from you.

Sandy Gavard


-  Can you identify any of the children or adults shown?  - 
Please contact Sandy and Lisa if you recognize any of the persons shown below!

  "Lizzie Jane Taylor SUTHERLAND and unknown family members"

The below image is used by permission of Sandy Gavard, and is copyright  © 2015-2022.

Image of  "Lizzie Jane Taylor SUTHERLAND and unknown family members"
is used by permission of Sandy Gavard,
Copyright © 21 Feb. 2015.  All Rights Reserved.