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"Mystery Photo"  -  Mrs. Barbara NURQUOY?
- date of photo unknown - 
lived near St. Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay, Orkney


 special Query submitted to SouthRonaldsay.net 
(photograph found below this Query box)


      7 Jan. 2011 -
                surname  NURQUOY/NORQUOY/NORQUAY . . . .

 Query:  I have the [below] image in a collection of family photographs which I am trying to catalogue with as much detail as possible for each image.  The only information that I have is as follows:

The lady's married name is thought to be Barbara NURQUOY (spelling?) and a very rough age estimate is that this lady would have been about 70 in 1925 thereby placing her birth date about 1855.  She was a friend of my grandmother Jessie Davidson (nee NICOLSON) who had a half brother called William MOWAT who worked on merchant ships around the world and indeed was lost at sea around 1920.  Apparently Mrs. NURQUOY had 3 sons who were all sailors and may have sailed with William MOWAT on the same ship from time to time and struck up a friendship, which led subsequently to the two ladies' friendship.  This is by no means certain.

My grandmother certainly visited Barbara NURQUOY around 1920 at St. Margaret's Hope and my father remembers walking about a mile out of town to her house.  It seems a few years later (circa 1925) Barbara visited my grandmother on Graemsay and my father remembers her being very spritely for her age.

Any information on this lady and her sons would be very welcome.

- Norman D.


  "Barbara NURQUOY"

The below image is used by permission of Norman Davidson, and is copyright  © 2011-2022.

Image of  "Barbara NURQUOY"
is used by permission of Norman Davidson,
Copyright © 7 Jan. 2011.  All Rights Reserved.