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-  Lisa's Additional Research Notes  -

On each page of  'Lisa's Additional Research Notes'  for every District,
transcriptions of the original census document are in  BLACK TEXT,
abbreviations & additional notes by Lisa are in  RED TEXT with a white background


  Abbreviations . . . .               ( also see  Other Editorial Marks below >    )

--b.~  (born circa)    =   This abbreviation indicates the approximate year of birth as derived from the transcript of the original enumeration document of the South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and Pentland Skerries 1821 Census (this early transcript having been digitally scanned by Dave Annal in 2004, with the original in the possession of Alex T. Annal, of South Ronaldsay, Orkney).
It may, or may not, be the actual age of that person for that time period, as the accuracy of an individual's age as portrayed in the transcript of the 1821 Census hinges upon (1)  whether the Census Enumerator was given the correct age of that person at the time that the 1821 Census was originally taken, and/or (2)  whether that age for each individual was later correctly re-written by James Thomson -- (see this off-site link:  Article by Dave Annal regarding this 1821 Census).

  b.   =   "born"  as indicated by the Old Parish Register or Civil Birth Register.

  c.   =   "christened"  as indicated by the Old Parish Register.

  d.   =   "died"  as indicated by the Old Parish Register or Civil Death Register.

  OPR    =   "Old Parish Register".

  CBR    =   "Civil Birth Register".

  CMR    =   "Civil Marriage Register".

  CDR    =   "Civil Death Register".

  dtr.of    =   "daughter of".

  W-   =   "Witnesses"  as indicated by the Old Parish Register or Civil Marriage Register.

  M.S.   =   "Maiden Surname".

  MARR.to    =   "married to"  as indicated by the Old Parish Register or Civil Marriage Register.

  Wdwr.of   and    Wdw.of    =   "Widower of"  and  "Widow of", respectively, as indicated by the Old Parish Register or Civil Marriage Register.

     NOTE:  If I happened to know that two different individuals found within the 1821 Census married at some later date, I set up links between the two so that you may quickly view any details I may have about that person's spouse.  When viewing a marriage entry which also shows the following as a LINK:   MARR.link to spouse    click on that to jump directly to the referenced spouse.

  Other Editorial Marks . . . .

Anything in quote marks      "     "      indicates wording as shown exactly in a register entry or other original source.

Information within parentheses      (     )      indicates notes that are in my own words.  This is not necessarily wording as shown verbatim in a register entry - unless, of course, any of the words within the parentheses are also shown in quote marks.

Also indicating data or information added by me is anything shown within brackets      [     ]      Information shown within brackets indicates data or information of which I feel confident enough to present within the Additional Reasearch Notes section, but which may need further research to verify beyond any doubt.

Similar to the type of information shown within brackets would be any information shown between red double arrows      <<     >>      indicating data or information which I may present that is only theoretical and not proven -  that is, any data enclosed within these double arrows is simply based upon my own theories or research.  Data enclosed within the red double arrows should suggest to you avenues for further verification or research on your part.  I have no proof that my suggestions shown within red double arrows are completely accurate... this is data or information I have deduced from somewhat familiar family lines or research material.  If you, with your own connections to South Ronaldsay family lines, have more information for me, I will always appreciate, and hope for, your input.

I always recommend viewing the original source material for verification of data.  I have tried hard to transcribe the data accurately, but mistakes can sometimes occur!  Please remember that any extraction of birth, baptism, marriage or death register data shown within  'Lisa's Additional Research Notes'  does not in any way purport to include all of the available information that can be gleaned from the original parish or statutory register entry
-- (please visit  National Records of Scotland & ScotlandsPeopleFHL Microfilm Numbers).