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The first five columns  (derived from transcriptions of original document)  in  BLACK TEXT are: 
Household #     /     Household Name     /     Surname     /     Given Name     /     Age in Census

RED TEXT with a white background  will indicate birth, marriage, or death register information, or other "Notes",
added by Lisa Conrad  (and, therefore, are additions to the core transcription of the original document).

Please visit the Abbreviations & Other Editorial Marks page to aid you in deciphering Lisa's abbreviations

>      Any insertions of register information, notes, or interconnections between Census Households,      <
if any are made or mentioned, are presented as results of Lisa Conrad's own research
and are not necessarily claimed by the General Register Office for Scotland or by the Annal family.

       Pentland Skerries
  Household #  -  Household Name  - Surname  -  Given Name -  Age in Census  --b.~ (born circa)   
                      1   -  PENTLAND SKERRIES LIGHTHOUSE  - 
 MILLER  - Richard -  age  52 --b.~1769.  
  Notes- Richard: 
MARR.(1st) Mary SINCLAIR on 9 January 1806, Stronsay.  W-  "Peter Sinclair, Ann Maxwell, and several others".  >per OPR 
 later MARR.link to spouse(2nd) Catharine CROMARTY  [below] --[dtr.of James CROMARTY, Catherine THOMSON]-- on 4 Nov.1821, [South Parish].  W-  William Tomison, Esqr., "Alexr." Rainy.  >per OPR 
 Occupation at marriage: "Keeper of the Pentland Skerries Light".  >per OPR 
 "Fell of (sic) Lighthouse tower and was killed"  >per 1821 Census margin note 
 <<  d.  at some point shortly after, perhaps within a few years of, his marriage in November of 1821.  >per 1821 Census margin note  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Catherine CROMARTY at death.  >per wife Catherine's CDR  >> 
 <<  The death register for Richard's wife Catherine [April of 1876], indicates that Richard's occupation was as a "Light Keeper".  >>
  MILLER  - Edward -  age   9 --b.~1812.  
  Notes- Edward: 
  Parents: Richard "MILLAR", Mary SINCLAIR.  >per OPR 
 b.  7 Apr.1813, Kirkwall / c.  10 Apr.1813.  W-  "Dr. Munro", "Mr. Willm. Traill".  >per OPR
  MILLER  - Bell  / Isabella Fea  -  age  14 --b.~1807.  
  Notes- Bell: 
  Parents: Richard MILLER, Mary SINCLAIR.  >per OPR, CDR 
 Full name: Isabella Fea MILLER.  >per OPR, CDR 
 b.  9 Apr.1807, Kirkwall / c.  3 May 1807.  W-  "Mrs. Draver", "Mrs. Sinclair".  >per OPR 
  later MARR.link to spouseJohn TOMISON --[son of Donald TOMISON, Margaret ROSIE]-- on 15 Apr.1823, [South Parish].  W-  William Tomison, James Dunnet.  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Isabella was from Pentland Skerries, John from Halcro.) 
 d.  4 January 1891, Halcro -"age 83"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "John TOMISON, Farmer" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: John Tomison, Son.  >per CDR
  MILLER  - John -  age   8 --b.~1813.  
  Notes- John: 
  Parents: Richard MILLER, Mary SINCLAIR.  >per OPR 
 b.  8 May 1815, Kirkwall / c.  23 June 1815.  W-  Peter "Scolay", Robert Sinclair.  >per OPR
  MILLER  - Robert Stevenson  -  age   2 --b.~1819.  
  Notes- Robert: 
  Parents: Richard "MILLAR", Mary SINCLAIR.  >per OPR 
 Full name at birth: "Robert Stevenson MILLAR".  >per OPR 
 b.  23 Sep.1818, Pentland Skerries / c.  8 Aug.1819.  W-  (no Witnesses listed in record).  >per OPR
 MANSON  - William -  age  18 --b.~1803.  
 FLAWS  - James -  age  40 --b.~1781.  
 CROMARTY  - Catherine -  age  31 --b.~1790.  
  Notes- Catherine: 
  Parents: James CROMARTY, Catherine THOMSON.  >per CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1786-1790.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 later MARR.link to spouseRichard MILLER  [above] on 4 Nov.1821.  W-  William Tomison, Esqr., Alexander Rainy.  >per OPR 
 d.  17 Apr.1876, Flaws -"age 90"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "Richard MILLER, Light Keeper" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: John Tomison, Grandson.  >per CDR


      Total of  St Peters Parish
   Horses Cows Sheep Swine Boats Carts Ploughs   Males Females   Total
    264,  789,  724,  372,  123,  119,  138    654   742     1396
                      So: or St Marys
   156,  380,  135,  178,  23,  48,  64    246   307      553
                      Swona Isle
   6,  21,  36,  8,  5,  0,  3    16   13       29
                      Pentland Skerries
                                        6   2        8
                      Burray Isle
 no list of Cattle taken for Burray                      50 Inhabited houses          116   129      245

          1038   1193     2231
 (Note of attestation) 
The above list
appears to me
to be very correct 
(signed)  John Gerard  Minr.
18 June 1821

The birth, baptism, marriage and death register data used to construct  'Lisa's Additional Research Notes' is © British Crown copyright. 
Any extraction of birth, baptism, marriage or death register data shown within  'Lisa's Additional Research Notes' does not
purport to include all of the available information that can be gleaned from the original parish or statutory register entry.

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Swona and Pentland Skerries 1821 Census are © the Alex T. Annal family of South Ronaldsay.
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