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The first five columns  (derived from transcriptions of original document)  in  BLACK TEXT are: 
Household #     /     Household Name     /     Surname     /     Given Name     /     Age in Census

RED TEXT with a white background  will indicate birth, marriage, or death register information, or other "Notes",
added by Lisa Conrad  (and, therefore, are additions to the core transcription of the original document).

Please visit the Abbreviations & Other Editorial Marks page to aid you in deciphering Lisa's abbreviations

>      Any insertions of register information, notes, or interconnections between Census Households,      <
if any are made or mentioned, are presented as results of Lisa Conrad's own research
and are not necessarily claimed by the General Register Office for Scotland or by the Annal family.

  Household #  -  Household Name  - Surname  -  Given Name -  Age in Census  --b.~ (born circa)   
                    83   -  KNOCKHALL  -
 SUTHERLAND  - John -  age  26 --b.~1795.  
  Notes- John: 
 "Kelp overseer"?  >per 1821 Census margin note 
 Parents: George SUTHERLAND, Williamina McBEATH.  >per OPR, CDR 
 c.  27 Dec.1795, Knockhall.  W-  Archibald Rosie, "Pegey" Rosie.  >per OPR 
 MARR.(1st) "Jean" ALLAN on 19 Mar.1818, St. Margaret's Hope.  W-  John Kennedy, Revd."Theodor Rainey"--"Schoolmaster and Preacher in the South Parish, and many more Witness[es]".  >per OPR -- (at marriage, John was from Knockhall, Jane from North Cara, Grimness -- NOTE: There is an additional marriage entry for these two, with the same date but with other Witnesses named...  W-  John Kennedy, Magnus "Loutit".  >per OPR.) 
 later MARR.(2nd) Harriet SUTHERLAND --dtr.of Donald SUTHERLAND, "Anne LOWE"-- on 23 Aug.1853, North Parish.  W-  James Forbes--Teacher, Gilbert Laird--Proprietor.  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Harriet was from Walls.) 
 d.  16 May 1856, Knockhall -"age 60"  >per CDR 
 "Married" at death - (spouse's name not given in death register).  >per CDR 
 Occupation at death: Farmer.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: James Sutherland, Son.  >per CDR

  (unable to locate Harriet/Henrietta Sutherland in this 1821 Census -- [she was born circa 1811]-- but her data is as follows)
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND's  Parents: Donald SUTHERLAND, Ann "LOWE".  >per OPR -- (NOTE: Her OPR marriage register entry has her parents as Donald SUTHERLAND, "Anne LOWE" -- her death register has her parents as Donald SUTHERLAND, Ann LOW.)
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND's  Full name at baptism: "Henrietta" SUTHERLAND.  >per OPR
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND's  Full name given at death: Harriet Moodie SUTHERLAND.  >per CDR
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND  c.  14 Apr.1811, Walls and Flotta.  W-  Ernest "Lowe", Hugh Malcomson.  >per OPR
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND  d.  6 Oct.1903, St. Margaret's Hope -"age 92"  >per CDR
   - Harriet SUTHERLAND  Wdw.of "John SUTHERLAND, Farmer" at death.  >per CDR
   - Informant of Harriet SUTHERLAND's death to Registrar: "Wm." Sutherland, Stepson.  >per CDR
  M.S. ALLAN  - Jane  / Jean  -  age  22 --b.~1799.  
  Notes- Jane: 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 23 Aug.1853, which was when her husband John had his 2nd marriage, to Harriet Sutherland.  >>
 SUTHERLAND  - James -  age   1 --b.~1820.  
  Notes- James: 
  Parents: John SUTHERLAND, Jane ALLAN.  >per OPR, CDR 
 b.  2 May 1820, Knockhall / c.  16 May 1820.  W-  James Allan, George Sutherland.  >per OPR 
 d.  19 Aug.1861, Knockhall -"age 41"  >per CDR 
 Unmarried at death.  >per CDR 
 Occupation at death: Farmer.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: William Sutherland, Brother.  >per CDR
 RUSLAND  - Elizabeth / Betsy  -  age  18 --b.~1803.  
  Notes- Eliza: 
  Parents: James "RUSSLAND", (mother not given in record).  >per CDR -- (NOTE: Her OPR marriage register entry has her parents as James RUSLAND, Margaret COOPER... it notates that her father had died at some point prior to 28 Mar.1833.) 
 <<  b.  circa 1802-1803.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 later MARR.link to spouseJames SANDISON --son of James SANDISON, & (not wife) Margaret MOWAT-- on 28 Mar.1833, North Parish.  W-  William Rusland, Arthur Dearness.  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Elizabeth was from Grimness, James from Braehead.) 
 d.  28 June 1875, Ronaldsvoe -"age 73"  >per CDR 
 MARR.to "James SANDISON, Agricultural Labourer" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: David Sandison, Son.  >per CDR
                    84   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 SUTHERLAND  - George -  age  79 --b.~1742.  
  Notes- George: 
 <<  MARR.(1st) Williamina McBEATH.  >per son John's CDR  >> 
 MARR.(2nd) "Anne" MANSON --[dtr.of James MANSON, "Catharine" CLARK]-- on 19 Mar.1816, North Parish.  W-  John Sutherland, James Manson.  >per OPR -- (at marriage, George was from "Quoys and Garth", Ann was from Canisbay.) 
 <<  d.  about 1831, South Ronaldsay, Orkney.  >per Lyell Armitage  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Ann MANSON at death.  >per wife Ann's CDR  >> 
 <<  The death register for George's wife Ann [February of 1866], indicates that George's occupation was as a "Farmer".  >>
  M.S. MANSON  - Ann -  age  48 --b.~1773.  
  Notes- Ann: 
  Parents: James MANSON, "Catharine" CLARK.  >per CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1771-1773.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 d.  19 Feb.1866, Garth -"age 95"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "George SUTHERLAND, Farmer" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: John Henderson, Son in law.  >per CDR
 SUTHERLAND  - William -  age  13 --b.~1808.  
 SINCLAIR  - Catherine -  age  14 --b.~1807.  
  Notes- Catherine: 
  Parents: John SINCLAIR, "Anne" MANSON.  >per OPR -- (NOTE: Her death register has her parents as John SINCLAIR, Ann MANSON.) 
 b.  6 Jul.1807, Mey, Canisbay, Caithness / c.  19 Jul.1807.  W-  (no Witnesses listed in record).  >per OPR 
 later MARR.link to spouseJohn HENDERSON --[son of John HENDERSON, Janet SINCLAIR]-- on 9 Apr.1829, Knockhall.  W-  John Sutherland, John Sinclair.  >per OPR 
 d.  4 Nov.1895, St. Margaret's Hope -"age 88"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "John HENDERSON, Crofter" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: William Henderson, Grandson.  >per CDR
 LAUGHTON  - James -  age  19 --b.~1802  
  Notes- James: 
  Parents: Donald LAUGHTON, Elizabeth "MOUAT".  >per CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1800-1804.  >per CDR, 1821 Census & 1851 Census  >> 
 later MARR.(1st) Elspet GRAY on 4 Nov.1825, Barswick.  W-  Francis Gray, Archibald Cromarty.  >per OPR 
 <<  later MARR.link to spouse(2nd) Jane GUNN --[dtr.of Alexander GUNN, Jane NORQUAY]-- in 1851, So. Parish.  >per their son James' 1855 birth register entry -- (NOTE: If James, Sr., married Jane GUNN in 1851, it would have been at some point after March of 1851, when the Scottish 1851 Census was supposedly enumerated -- because in that census, James was notated as a Widower, age "47" - presumably a widower of Elspet/Elizabeth GRAY, his first wife.  I have been unable to find a marriage register entry for James Laughton and Jane Gunn in the Old Parish Registers... but this could be because the parish register entries for the South Parish of So. Ronaldsay seemed to be inconsistent during the years 1850-1851 and they might be incomplete... the Rev. John Gerard died in October of 1850, and, after the Reverend's death, the clerk responsible for notating marriages, and perhaps other life events, seemed to have missed documenting a few.)  >> 
 d.  14 June 1883, "North Leith Poor House", Leith -"age 83"  >per CDR 
 "MARR.(1st) to Elizabeth GRAY, (2nd) to Jane GUNN" at death.  >per CDR 
 Occupation at death: Crofter.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: "T. Laughton", Son.  >per CDR
 LAUGHTON  - Margare -  age  26 --b.~1795.  
  Notes- Margaret: 
  Parents: Donald LAUGHTON, Elizabeth MOWAT.  >per OPR 
 Baptized as "Pegey Ann" LAUGHTON.  >per OPR 
 c.  1 Mar.1794, Sorquoy.  W-  "Willam Fleat", "Barbra" Laughton.  >per OPR 
 later MARR.link to spousePeter ROSIE --[son of James ROSIE, Janet ROSIE]-- on 8 January 1824, Garth.  W-  "many Witnesses, North Church".  >per OPR 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 12 Aug.1858.  >per husband Peter's CDR -- (NOTE:  d.  prior to 1855.  >per gravestone at St. Peter's Church Yard: OFHS lists the gravestone as #A/14/5, which is a shared memorial stone erected by daughter Margaret Rosie for her mother Margaret Laughton and her father Peter Rosie.)  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Peter ROSIE at death.  >per husband Peter's CDR  >>
                    85   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 CLOUSTON  - David -  age  66 --b.~1755.  
  Notes- David: 
 <<  MARR.Isabella SUTHERLAND.  >> 
 <<  The death register for David's daughter Barbara [February of 1860], indicates that David's occupation was as a "Farmer".  >>
  M.S. SUTHERLAND  - Isobel  / Isabella  -  age  78 --b.~1743.  
 CLOUSTON  - Barbara -  age  38 --b.~1783.  
  Notes- Barbara: 
  Parents: David CLOUSTON, Isabella SUTHERLAND.  >per OPR, CDR 
 c.  8 May 1780, St. Margaret's Hope.  W-  "god fathers" were John Sutherland & John Taylor, "god mothers" were "Barbra" Dass & "Jenet Halcrow".  >per OPR 
 d.  16 Feb.1860, Garth -"age 78"  >per CDR 
 Unmarried at death.  >per CDR 
 Occupation at death: Pauper.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: James Burgess, Inmate.  >per CDR
 CLOUSTON  - Janet  / Jessie  -  age  31 --b.~1790.  
  Notes- Janet: 
  Parents: "Davied" CLOUSTON, "Isobel" SUTHERLAND.  >per OPR 
 c.  5 Dec.1788, St. Margaret's Hope.  W-  "god fathers" were "Hendrie Tameson" & Robert Wards, "god mothers" were "Barbra" Dass & "Margt. Cromartie".  >per OPR 
 later MARR.link to spouseEdward BROWN --[son of Alexander BROWN, Helen SMITH]-- on 2 January 1823, North Parish.  W-  before "many Witnesses".  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Janet was from North Parish, Edward from Haybrake.) 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 10 Apr.1859.  >per husband Edward's CDR  >>
                    86   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
  M.S. MOWAT  - Elspit  / Elizabeth  -  age  55 --b.~1766.  
  Notes- Elspit: 
 <<  MARR.Donald LAUGHTON at some point shortly after 8 Jul.1789 -- the "Booking" for their marriage was on 8 Jul.1789, Eastside.  W-  "Will[ia]m Mouat  [Cautioner] for the woman".  >per OPR  >>
 LAUGHTON  - Betty  / Elizabeth  -  age  21 --b.~1800.  
  Notes- Betty: 
  Parents: Donald LAUGHTON, "Elizabth" MOWAT.  >per OPR 
 Baptized as "Lissie" LAUGHTON.  >per OPR 
 c.  28 January 1798, Sorquoy, Eastside.  W-  "Willam Cristey", John Cromarty.  >per OPR
                    87   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 TOMISON  - William -  age  42 --b.~1779.  
  Notes- William: 
 MARR.Elizabeth "WOOLDRAGE" --[dtr.of James "WOOLRIDGE", Ann "WOOLRIDGE"]-- on 6 Feb.1816, Hoxa.  W-  Hugh "Hosack", Andrew Tomison.  >per OPR -- (NOTE: The former spelling of Elizabeth's maiden surname as per OPR marriage register entry, the latter spelling as per CDR.) 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 10 June 1869.  >per wife Elizabeth's CDR  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Elizabeth "WOOLRIDGE" at death.  >per wife Elizabeth's CDR  >> 
 <<  The death register for William's wife Elizabeth [June of 1869], indicates that William's occupation was as a "Farmer".  >>
  M.S. WOLDRAGE  - Betty  / Elizabeth  -  age  29 --b.~1792.  
  Notes- Betty: 
  Parents: James "WOOLRIDGE", Ann "WOOLRIDGE".  >per CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1792-1799.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 d.  10 June 1869, Garth -"age 70"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "William TOMISON, Farmer" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: John Tomison, Son.  >per CDR
 TOMISON  - William -  age   3 --b.~1818.  
  Notes- William: 
  Parents: William "TAMISON", "Elizabth WOOLDRAGE".  >per OPR 
 b.  6 Dec.1816, Hoxa / c.  19 Dec.1816.  W-  "Miss Bell and Miss Jean Grays in Roberey".  >per OPR -- (NOTE: There is a second OPR birth register entry for William, written in a different location in the register in a different handwriting, having the same birth and baptism dates, with the Witnesses notated as "Misses Bell & Jane Gray".) 
 <<  d.   prior to 1855.  >per gravestone at St. Peter's Church Yard: OFHS lists the gravestone as #A/18/34, which is a shared memorial stone also for father William Tomison  >>
 TOMISON  - Ann -  age   2 --b.~1819.  
  Notes- Ann: 
  Parents: William TOMISON, Elizabeth "WOOLDRAGE".  >per OPR -- (NOTE: Her death register has her parents as William TOMISON, "Betsy WOOLDRAGE".) 
 b.  9 Mar.1818, Hoxa / c.  16 Mar.1818.  W-  "Elsepet Tamison", "Catharine" Laughton--both of Blanster.  >per OPR 
 later MARR.link to spousePeter ANNAL --son of Robert ANNAL, Barbara WISHART-- on 22 Mar.1849, South Parish.  W-  John Tomison--of Garth, Robert Annal--of Mossetter.  >per OPR -- (at marriage, "Anne" was from Garth, Peter from Linklater.) 
 d.  19 Mar.1886, Mossetter, South Parish -"age 66"  >per CDR 
 "Wife of Peter ANNAL, Farmer" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: Peter Annal, Son.  >per CDR
 WOLDRAGE  - Margare -  age  55 --b.~1766.  
 ROSS  - Margare -  age  26 --b.~1795.  
 CROMARTY  - Mary  -  age   1 --b.~1820.  
  Notes- Mary: 
 <<  (The 1821 Census entry notates her forename originally as "Margt.", but the census image for this page also shows someone had later written a letter "-y" over the "-gt." in that name, "Margt.", appearing to indicate that the name for this child was "Mary" and not Margaret, as originally had been written.)  >> 
  Parents: "Thomas CROMARTY Sailor at Whims", & (not wife) Margaret ROSS.  >per OPR -- (NOTE: Her OPR marriage register entry has her parents as "Thomas CROMARTY, Fisherman in Grimmness", & (not wife) Margaret ROSS -- her death register has her parents as "Peter (sic)  CROMARTY (Reputed Father)", & (not wife) "Margaret ROSS, Domestic Servant".) 
 b.  23 Aug.1820, Wheems / c.  12 Dec.1820.  W-  John Ross, David Tait.  >per OPR 
 later MARR.John FLOOD --son of Duncan FLOOD, Jane SCOTT-- on 25 Mar.1852, North Parish.  W-  John Wards--Seaman in St. Margaret's Hope, "John Stewart Junior"--Innkeeper in St. Margaret's Hope.  >per OPR 
 d.  25 January 1900, St. Margaret's Hope -"age 77"  >per CDR 
 Wdw.of "John FLOOD, Fisherman" at death.  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: "W. A." Sinclair, Undertaker.  >per CDR

  (unable to locate John Flood in this 1821 Census -- [he was born circa 1827]-- but his data is as follows)
   - John FLOOD's  Parents: Duncan FLOOD, Jane SCOTT.  >per OPR marriage register entry -- (NOTE: His death register has his parents as Duncan FLOOD, "Jean" SCOTT.)
   - John FLOOD  <<  b.  circa 1827.  >per CDR  >>
   - John FLOOD  d.  18 Apr.1896, St. Margaret's Hope -"age 69"  >per CDR
   - John FLOOD  MARR.to Mary CROMARTY at death.  >per CDR
   - John FLOOD's  Occupation at death: "Pauper formerly Fisherman".  >per CDR
   - Informant of John FLOOD's death to Registrar: Robert Wallace, Neighbor.  >per CDR
                    88   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 ROSS  - Margare -  age  74 --b.~1747.  
                    89   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 ESSON  - Arthur -  age  70 --b.~1751.  
  Notes- Arthur: 
 <<  MARR.Ann CHALMERS.  >>
  M.S. CHALMERS  - Ann -  age  51 --b.~1770.  
 ESSON  - Arthur -  age  18 --b.~1803.  
  Notes- Arthur: 
  Parents: Arthur ESSON, "Anne" CHALMERS.  >per OPR marriage register entry 
 later MARR.link to spouse"Alexina" SPENCE --dtr.of Richard SPENCE, Barbara ROSIE-- on 10 Dec.1833, North Parish.  W-  "William and James Esson".  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Arthur was from "Hope-side", "Alexina" was from Widewall.) 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 24 Jul.1877.  >per daughter Alexina's CDR  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Alexandrina SPENCE at death.  >per wife Alexandrina's CDR  >> 
 <<  The death register for Arthur's daughter "Alexina" [July of 1877], indicates that Arthur's occupation was as a "Farmer".  >>
 ESSON  - Eliza -  age  10 --b.~1811.  
  Notes- Eliza: 
  Parents: Arthur ESSON, Ann CHALMERS.  >per CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1811-1813.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 d.  24 June 1880, Garth -"age 67"  >per CDR 
 Unmarried at death.  >per CDR 
 Occupation at death: "Pauper formerly Woollen Spinner".  >per CDR 
 Informant of death to Registrar: James Esson, Brother.  >per CDR
                    90   -  KNOCKHALL  - 
 BUDGE  - Robert -  age  51 --b.~1770.  
  Notes- Robert: 
 MARR."Margrat" DASS on 6 Feb.1794, Grimness.  W-  James Dass, Donald Budge.  >per OPR 
 <<  d.  at some point prior to 28 Dec.1837.  >per daughter Margaret's OPR marriage register entry  >> 
 <<  MARR.to Margaret DASS at death.  >> 
 <<  The OPR marriage register entry for Robert's daughter Margaret [December of 1837], indicates that Robert's occupation was as a "Farmer".  >>
  M.S. DASS  - Margare -  age  63 --b.~1758.  
  Notes- Margaret: 
 <<  d.  at some point after 28 Dec.1837.  >per daughter Margaret's OPR marriage register entry  >>
 BUDGE  - Margare -  age  23 --b.~1798.  
  Notes- Margaret: 
  Parents: Robert BUDGE, Margaret DASS.  >per OPR marriage register entry & CDR 
 <<  b.  circa 1795-1798.  >per CDR & 1821 Census  >> 
 later MARR.link to spouseJohn SINCLAIR --son of James SINCLAIR, Isabella WARDS-- on 28 Dec.1837, North Parish.  W-  "before Witnesses".  >per OPR -- (at marriage, Margaret was from Garth, John from Burray.) 
 d.  7 Aug.1860, Berriedale -"age 65"  >per CDR 
 "Married" at death - (spouse's name not given in death register).  >per CDR 
 <<  MARR.to John SINCLAIR at death... John died in 1871.  >> 
 Informant of death to Registrar: Margaret Sinclair, Daughter.  >per CDR
 BUDGE  - Barbara -  age  63 --b.~1758.  

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