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(with spelling variants) 

-  Signatures found in these 19th-century Civil Birth Registers  -
(When ordering the record which shows your ancestor's signature, remember to use
  the year of birth and the newborn's name to find the correct civil birth register)

    Signatories shown on this page are listed alphabetically, then by year of signature ...

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1886  'NICHELSON', William  Great
    Newborn: Margaret THOMSON [her unmarried mother was Ann THOMSON].
1875  NICHOLSON, Alexander  Father     Newborn: Jessie NICHOLSON.
  Alexander's spouse: Margaret PARK.
1868  NICHOLSON, Charles  Father     Newborn: Charles NICHOLSON.
  Charles, Sr.'s spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1893  NICHOLSON, David  Father     Newborn: Charles NICHOLSON.
  David's spouse: Elizabeth ROSIE.
1895  NICHOLSON, David  Father     Newborn: Elizabeth Rosie NICHOLSON.
  David's spouse: Elizabeth ROSIE.
1897  NICHOLSON, David  Father     Newborn: David NICHOLSON.
  David, Sr.'s spouse: Elizabeth ROSIE.
1881  NICHOLSON, James  Father     Newborn: James NICHOLSON.
  James, Sr.'s spouse: Margaret SINCLAIR.
1872  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: Stewart Allan NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1874  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: 'Annie' Jane NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1876  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: Elizabeth NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1877  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: Catherine Allan NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1879  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: William Allan NICHOLSON.
  William, Sr.'s spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1883  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: Alice Stewart NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1888  NICHOLSON, William  Father     Newborn: James Banks Swanson NICHOLSON.
  William's spouse: Elizabeth ALLAN.
1856  'NICKLESON', Charles  Father     Newborn: David 'NICKLESON'.
  Charles' spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1858  'NICKLESON', Charles  Father     Newborn: Jessie 'NICKLESON'.
  Charles' spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1861  'NICKLESON', Charles  Father     Newborn: Isabella 'NICKLESON'.
  Charles' spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1863  'NICKLESON', Charles  Father     Newborn: Mary 'NICKLESON'.
  Charles' spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1865  'NICKLESON', Charles  Father     Newborn: John Matches 'NICKLESON'.
  Charles' spouse: Margaret MATCHES.
1872  'NICOLSON', Alexander  Father     Newborn: Christina Stewart 'NICOLSON'.
  Alexander's spouse: Margaret PARK.
1876  'NICOLSON', Alexander  Father     Newborn: Alexander 'NICOLSON'.
  Alexander, Sr.'s spouse: Margaret PARK.
1878  'NICOLSON', Alexander  Father     Newborn: Emma Ramage 'NICOLSON'.
  Alexander's spouse: Margaret PARK.
1880  'NICOLSON', Alexander  Father     Newborn: Margaret 'NICOLSON'.
  Alexander's spouse: Margaret PARK.