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     SURNAME  'BRUCE'      
(with spelling variants) 

-  Signatures found in these 19th-century Civil Death Registers  -
(When ordering the record which shows your ancestor's signature, remember to use
  the year of death and the decedent's name to find the correct civil death register)

    Signatories shown on this page are listed alphabetically, then by year of signature ...

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1895  BRUCE, Alexander  Son     Decedent: Eliza WYLIE [her parents were John WYLIE, Betsy CROMARTY].
1858  BRUCE, David  Father     Decedent: Eliza 'Porringer' BRUCE.
  David's spouse: Margaret KNIGHT.
1861  BRUCE, David  Stepson     Decedent: Margaret (CLOUSTON) Bruce [she was the widow of William BRUCE].
1881  BRUCE, David  Brother     Decedent: Mary (BRUCE) Laird [her parents were David BRUCE, Margaret KNIGHT].
1883  BRUCE, David  Neighbor     Decedent: John SUTHERLAND [he was the widower of Janet MANSON].
1890  BRUCE, David  Father     Decedent: James BRUCE.
  David's spouse: Margaret KNIGHT.
1895  BRUCE, David  Brother in law     Decedent: Isabella (LEVACK) Knight [she was the widow of Andrew KNIGHT].
1897  BRUCE, David  Undertaker     Decedent: Betsy SINCLAIR [her parents were Magnus SINCLAIR, Jessie WARDS].
1890  BRUCE, Gordon  Brother     Decedent: Peter BRUCE [his parents were Peter BRUCE, Elizabeth GOW].
1863  BRUCE, James  Father     Decedent: James Banks BRUCE.
  James, Sr.'s spouse: Elizabeth HOSSACK.
1869  BRUCE, James  Brother in law     Decedent: Elizabeth ROSS [her parents were John ROSS, Christina DUNCAN].
1882  BRUCE, James  Son in law     Decedent: Christina (DUNCAN) Ross [she was the widow of John ROSS].
1883  BRUCE, James  Father     Decedent: James BRUCE.
  James, Sr.'s spouse: Christina ROSS.
1889  BRUCE, James  Son     Decedent: Robert BRUCE [he was married to Helen SINCLAIR].
1895  BRUCE, James  Grandson     Decedent: William BRUCE [he was married to Isabella SIMISON].
1895  BRUCE, James  Cousin     Decedent: Mary BROWN [her parents were Malcolm Ross BROWN, Mary CHRISTIE].
1873  BRUCE, John  Inmate     Decedent: John STEWART [his parents were John STEWART, 'Lizzie' MacPHERSON].
1884  BRUCE, John  Neighbor     Decedent: James ESSON [his parents were James ESSON, Barbara TOMISON].
1895  BRUCE, John  Son     Decedent: Elizabeth (ESSON) Bruce [her parents were William ESSON, Jane DUNNET].
1868  BRUCE, Peter  Son     Decedent: Margaret (SPENCE) Bruce [her parents were Richard SPENCE, Barbara ROSIE].
1882  BRUCE, Peter  Son     Decedent: William BRUCE [he was the widower of Margaret SPENCE].
1886  BRUCE, Peter  Nephew in law     Decedent: Elizabeth GOW [her parents were John GOW, Betsy CAMPBELL].
1865  BRUCE, Robert  Son in law     Decedent: Jane (KENNEDY) Sinclair [she was married to James SINCLAIR].
1877  BRUCE, Robert  Son in law     Decedent: James SINCLAIR [he was the widower of Jane KENNEDY].
1859  BRUCE, William  Father     Decedent: Robert BRUCE.
  William's spouse: Margaret SPENSE.
1861  BRUCE, William  Son     Decedent: Christina (TAYLOR) Bruce [she was the widow of John BRUCE].
1875  BRUCE, William  Father     Decedent: Margaret Ann Douglas BRUCE.
  William's spouse: Ann SWANSON.
1878  BRUCE, William  Son     Decedent: James BRUCE [he was married to Barbara TAYLOR].
1878  BRUCE, William  Father     Decedent: Ann BRUCE.
  William's spouse: Ann SWANSON.
1885  BRUCE, William  Son     Decedent: Barbara (TAYLOR) Bruce [she was the widow of James BRUCE].
1898  BRUCE, William L.  Father     Decedent: Peter BRUCE.
  William's spouse: Ann SWANSON.
1899  BRUCE, William L.  Widower     Decedent: Ann (SWANSON) Bruce [her parents were James SWANSON, Margaret INNES].
1863  'BRUSE', James  Son in law     Decedent: Dorothy (McDONALD) Hossack [she was married to William HOSSACK].
1864  'BRUSE', James  Son in law     Decedent: William HOSSACK [he was the widower of Dorothy McDONALD].