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Surnames Beginning with Letter  'I'

    Given names and surnames for brides and grooms are listed alphabetically but also by year of marriage  --
be sure to look for all name variations when looking for your ancestor (for example, look for variations of the given names 
  of Betsy and Elizabeth, Jean and Jane, Helen and Ellen, or of the surnames Wooldrage vs. Woolridge, Mouat vs. Mowat, etc.) ...



   INKSTER, David    (m.1877)  
   INKSTER, James I. 
   INKSTER, Robert 
   IRVINE, Edward 
   IRVINE, James S. W. 
   IRVINE, William 
   IRVINE, William C. 
   ISBISTER, William 


   INKSTER, Ann    (m.1874)  
   INKSTER, Mary 
   INNES, Helen 
   IRVINE, Ann 
   IRVINE, Barbara 
   IRVINE, 'Lizzie' C. 
   IRVINE, Margaret Leith 
   ISBISTER, 'Anne' 
   ISBISTER, Elizabeth