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Surnames Beginning with Letter  'P'

  Given names and surnames for the Deceased are listed alphabetically  -  but also by year of death, and then by age  -- 
be sure to look for all name variations when looking for your ancestor (for example, look for variations of the given names 
  of Betsy and Elizabeth, Jean and Jane, Helen and Ellen, or of the surnames Wooldrage vs. Woolridge, Mouat vs. Mowat, etc.) ...



   PARK, Isaac   (d.1874 -age 84)  
   PARK, Isaac 
  (d.1882 -age 28)  
   PARK, James 
  (d.1869 -age 44)  
   PARK, James 
  (d.1880 -age 70)  
   PARK, James Laird 
  (d.1891 -age 11)  
   PARK, James Louttit 
  (d.1858 -age 15 mos)  
   PARK, John 
  (d.1865 -age 28)  
   PARK, John 
  (d.1869 -age 17)  
   PARK, John 
  (d.1891 -age 74)  
   PARK, John 
  (d.1899 -age 77)  
   PARK, William 
  (d.1864 -age 5 mos)  
   PARK, William 
  (d.1864 -age 63)  
   PARK, William 
  (d.1896 -age 66)  
   PARK, William 
  (d.1899 -age 85)  
   PEACE, Donald 
  (d.1878 -age 9 mos)  
   PEEBLES, Sutherland 
  (d.1859 -age 64)  
   PEEBLES, Sutherland 
  (d.1894 -age 64)  
   PETRIE, Andrew 
  (d.1873 -age 28)  
   PETRIE, Andrew 
  (d.1884 -age 73)  
   PETRIE, Gavin 
  (d.1892 -age 76)  
   PETRIE, George 
  (d.1892 -age 32)  
   PETRIE, George Campbell 
  (d.1865 -age 4)  
   PETRIE, Hugh 
  (d.1888 -age 86)  
   PETRIE, James 
  (d.1858 -age 22)  
   PETRIE, James 
  (d.1863 -age 77)  
   PETRIE, James 
  (d.1865 -age 64)  
   PETRIE, Peter 
  (d.1855 -age 80)  
   PETRIE, William 
  (d.1871 -age 10 wks)  
   PETRIE, William 
  (d.1871 -age 6)  
   PETRIE, William 
  (d.1880 -age 52)  
   PETRIE, William 
  (d.1887 -age 77)


   PARK, Barbara   (d.1858 -age 25)  
   PARK, Barbara 
  (d.1860 -age 87)
           {married surname: Reid}
   PARK, Barbara 
  (d.1896 -age 72)  
   PARK, Barbara 'Dundas' 
  (d.1878 -age 6)  
   PARK, Betsy 
  (d.1887 -age 80)
           {married surname: Wooldrage}
   PARK, Betsy 
  (d.1896 -age 69)  
   PARK, Elizabeth 
  (d.1865 -age 6)  
   PARK, Esther 
  (d.1899 -age 82)
           {married surname: Sutherland}
   PARK, Jane 
  (d.1890 -age 47)
           {married surname: Banks}
   PARK, Jessie 
  (d.1864 -age 59)
           {married surname: Leith}
   PARK, Jessie 
  (d.1898 -age 67)
           {married surname: Ryrie}
   PARK, 'Johan' 
  (d.1868 -age 2 wks)  
   PARK, Margaret 
  (d.1876 -age 79)
           {married surname: McKay}
   PARK, Mary 
  (d.1833 -age 32)
           {married surname: Gray}
   PARK, Mary 
  (d.1885 -age 6)  
   PARK, Mary Ann 
  (d.1867 -age 13)  
   P[E]ACE, Wilhelmina G. 
  (d.1877 -age 1)  
   PEAKE, Jane Sophia 
  (d.1868 -age 78)
           {married surname: Gray}
   PEEBLES, Barbara G. 
  (d.1892 -age 72)
           {married surname: Ross}
   PEEBLES, Catherine Allan 
  (d.1886 -age 52)
           {married surname: Rosie}
   PETER, Elspet 
  (d.1883 -age 91)
           {married surname: Anderson}
   PETRIE, (female) 
  (d.1886 -age 2 min)  
   PETRIE, Ann 
  (d.1869 -age 28)
           {married surname: Makinson}
   PETRIE, Ann 
  (d.1874 -age 74)  
   PETRIE, Ann Sinclair 
  (d.1872 -age 3)  
   PETRIE, Barbara 
  (d.1877 -age 45)
           {married surname: Garrioch}
   PETRIE, Christina 
  (d.1871 -age 26)  
   PETRIE, Georgina 
  (d.1869 -age 18)  
   PETRIE, Jemima 
  (d.1879 -age 4 mos)  
   PETRIE, Jessie 
  (d.1866 -age 27)  
   PETRIE, Jessie Jean 
  (d.1894 -age 14)  
   PETRIE, Margaret 
  (d.1876 -age 68)
           {married surname: Muir}
   PETRIE, Margaret Leith 
  (d.1879 -age 35)
           {married surname: Norquay}
   PETRIE, Mary Ann 
  (d.1863 -age 2)  
   PETRIE, Rachel 
  (d.1879 -age 42)
           {married surname: Petrie}
   PETRIE, Sarah Ann 
  (d.1891 -age 77)
           {married surname: Omand}
   POTTINGER, Elizabeth 
  (d.1865 -age 61)
           {married surname: Bruce}