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-  Lisa's Additional Research Notes  -
(archive for 2005-2008) 
South Ronaldsay and Burray 1821 Census Project

The most recent updates are found near the top of this box...

Updated information can include but is not limited to newly-found data
from original sources for births/baptisms, marriages, or deaths.

 updated data
 as of 1 June 2008  --

2nd marriage for James ANDERSON (to Fairly GORDON) / plus his 3rd marriage (to Barbara GORDON)  ...
birth/baptism for Caroline ANDERSON  ...  baptism for Fairley ANDERSON  ...  birth/baptism for Janet
 ...  baptism for Hannah ANDERSON  ...

 updated data
 as of 30 Jul.2007  --

birth/baptism for James BUDGE  ...  birth/baptism for William CROMARTY  ...  baptism for Jane DAVIDSON  ...
death for George SUTHERLAND  ...  birth/baptism for Alexander CROMARTY  ...  birth/baptism for John
 ...  birth/baptism for Catherine ROBERTSON  ...  baptism for Peter STEWART  ...  baptism for Fraser
McBEATH (found within Margaret GIBSON's entry)  ...  birth/baptism for Margaret SPENCE / and also her marriage
(to William BRUCE)  ...  birth/baptism for John SPENCE  ...  birth/baptism for Margaret ANNAL  ...  birth/baptism for
Ann ROSIE  ...  birth/baptism for James THOMSON  ...  birth/baptism for Catherine DUNNET  ...  birth/baptism
for Isabella LOUTTIT (found within George LOUTTIT's entry)  ...  birth/baptism for James ANNAL  ...  birth/baptism
for John ANNAL / also his marriage (to Charlotte GROAT) ...  birth/baptism for Betty LOUTTIT  ...  baptism for John
TAYLOR (found within Barbara RUSSLAND's entry)  ...  baptism for John LAUGHTON  ...  birth/baptism for
Catherine WYLIE  ...  birth/baptism for James ROSS / also his marriage (to Barbara PEEBLES)  ...  baptism
for Ann LOUTTIT  ...  birth/baptism for James STEWART  ...  baptism for Ann ROSIE  ...  birth/baptism for John
 ...  birth/baptism for John CROMARTY and baptism for Ann DASS (and also their marriage)  ...

 updated data
 as of 23 Jan.2007  --

marriage for Peter STEWART / Ann ROSIE  ...  marriage for John BROWN / Catherine ROSIE  ...  1st marriage for
Alexander LEITH (to Janet RUSLAND)  ...  marriage for Christy NORQUOY  ...  marriage for Jane BANKS  ...
1st marriage for James SINCLAIR (to Barbara GROAT)  ...  marriage for Thomas ROSIE / Ann LOUTTIT  ...
marriage for Robert ROSIE / Margaret Miller  ...  marriage for John DUNCAN  ...  marriage for John ROSSIE /
Christina LOUTTIT
 ...  marriage for Magnus LOUTTIT / Elizabeth ALLAN  ...  marriage for Barbara BENSTON  ...
marriage for Robert DASS / Mary CROMARTY  ...  marriage for David TAIT / Barbara BUDGE ...  1st marriage for
James NORQUOY (to Mary BRUCE)  ...  marriage for George SYMISON / Ann THOMSON  ...  marriage for Ann
 ...  marriage for James ROSIE / Barbara CROMARTY  ...  marriage for Thomas SWAN[NIE] /
Catherine TAYLOR  ...  marriage for George MUNROE / Jane NORQUAY  ...  marriage for John TAMISON /
Betty MANSON  ...  marriage for William ROSIE / Margaret STEWART  ...  marriage for Chirsty SIMPSON  ...
birth/baptism for Alexa Ann Gray WALLS  ...  1st marriage for James WALLS  ...  marriage for David
/ Jane GERARD  ...  marriage for Malcolm TOMISON  ...  marriage for Robert GARRIOCH /
Catherine BERSTON
 ...  marriage for Ann GUTHRIE  ...  marriage for John SINCLAIR / Barbara CROMARTY  ...
marriage for Isabella DAVIDSON  ...  marriage for John DAVIDSON / Mary DUNCAN  ...  marriage for William

 updated data
 as of 6 Jul.2006  --

birth/baptism and death for Janet DUNNET /  plus her marriage (to James THOMSON, and also his death)  ...
death for William LEITH  ...  marriage for John SCOTT / Betty ROSS  ...  marriage for Alexander SUTHERLAND /
Janet SANDISON  ...  death for Mary McKINLY  ...  death for Edward ROSIE and death for his 2nd wife, Barbara
HALCROW  ...  death for George ROBERTSON  ...  baptism and death for Margaret DUNNET /  plus her marriage
(to Nicol FLETT, and also his death)  ...  1st and 2nd marriages for David BRUCE (to Jane McKAY and to Margaret
KNIGHT, respectively)  ...  marriage for John THOMSON / Catherine SINCLAIR /  plus both of their baptisms and
deaths  ...  death for William BREMNER  ...  birth/baptism and death for Peggy TAYLOR /  plus death for her
husband, James ADAMSON  ...  birth/baptism and death for William TOMISON /  plus marriage notes  ...
marriage for James NORQUAY (to Barbara BUDGE)  ...  marriage for Alexander THOMSON (to Janet
WISHART)  ...  death for Eliza ANNAL / plus death for her husband, James SCARTH  ...  death for Barbara
/  plus death for her husband, Edward IRVINE  ...  1st and 2nd marriages for Thomas TOMISON (to
Catherine DUNNET and to Jane SKEA, respectively) /  plus the deaths for both Thomas and Jane  ...

 updated data
 as of 29 Apr.2006  --

marriage for Thomas GUTCHER (to Jane MOWAT) / and update for year of death (and for year of death of
his spouse)  ...  marriage for John LINKLATER / Betty NORQUOY  ...  2nd marriage for Joseph OMAND  ...
1st marriage for James LAUGHTON (to Elspet GRAY) / plus his 2nd marriage (to Jean GUNN) and the
deaths for both James and Jean  ...  marriage for Catherine DUNCAN (to William SCOTT) / plus both of their
deaths  ...  death for James CROMARTY  ...  marriage for George MOWAT / Barbara SULLIVAN / plus death
for George MOWAT  ...  death for John WALLS  ...  death for Francis BROWN's 2nd wife, Jessie GRANT  ...
death for Thomas REID  ...  birth/baptism and death for Nicol LEITH  ...  death for Andrew BURGESS  ...  death
for James MOWAT  ...  death for Elizabeth GOW  ...  death for Jean CROMARTY  ...  death for Robert ROSIE  ...
marriage for William WINDWICK (to Margaret DUNNET) / plus deaths for both of them  ...  death for George

 updated data
 as of 25 Mar.2006  --

  Apologies for not yet having any updates to 'Lisa's Additional Research Notes'  for 2006!

  I have been occupied with the process of trying to update 'South Ronaldsay and Burray Civil Death Registers:
Extracted Index'
, by locating and transcribing all of the remaining civil death registers through 1899.  The results
should be on-line within weeks.

  Also occupying my time has been the recent launch to SouthRonaldsay.net of  'South Ronaldsay and Burray
19th-century Marriages: Extracted Index'
.  This web site covers marriages from 1800-1899 inclusive, with work
being done to finish up the transcribing of civil marriage registers still not on-line at  'South Ronaldsay and Burray 19th-century Marriages: Extracted Index'  for the time period 1882-1899.  All 19th-century marriages located for
South Ronaldsay and Burray should be on-line by summer of 2006.

 updated data
 as of 31 October 2005  --

birth/baptism for William BICHAN  ...  birth/baptism for Ann LINKLATER  ...  deaths for Robert CROMARTY and
 ...  birth/baptism for Robert ROSIE  ...  birth/baptism for Barbara SUTHERLAND  ...  birth/baptism
for John THOMSON  ...  birth/baptism for Robert ROSIE  ...  birth for Malcolm GRAY  ...  birth for Jane S. PEAKE  ...
information regarding death of James W. GRAY  ...  birth/baptism for Robert ROBERTSON  ...  marriage for
Andrew KNIGHT  ...  marriage for James LEITH / Ann SANDISON  ...  baptism for Samuel NORQUOY  ...
birth/baptism for Mary NORQUAY  ...  2nd marriage for Mary KNIGHT  ...  marriage for William BROWN / Barbara
 ...  birth/baptism for Barbara DEARNESS  ...  marriage for Jess BRUCE  ...  marriage for Betty KNIGHT  ...
marriage for Betty ROSIE  ...  birth/baptism for Mary BRUCE  ...  birth/baptism for Ann CROMARTY  ...  birth/baptism for Alexander NORQUOY  ...  birth/baptism for William SINCLAIR  ...  birth/baptism for William
 ...  marriage for Ann SUTHERLAND  ...  marriage for Jessie LOUTTIT / and update for possible
time-frame for death (and for the death of her spouse)  ...  birth/baptism for James TAYLOR  ...  birth/baptism
for Michael BROWN  ...  marriage for Thomas CUMMING  ...

 updated data
 as of 12 October 2005  --

marriage for Robert WYLIE  ...  marriage for William PARK / Barbara McKAY  ...  marriage for Jess CROMARTY  ...
marriage for Edward NORQUOY / Mary GROAT  ...  update for possible time-frame for death for Joseph
 ...  death for James BUDGE  ...  3rd marriage for Arthur DEARNESS  ...  1st marriage for James
 ...  marriage for James TAYLOR (to Elizabeth GUTHRIE)  plus his 2nd marriage / and update
for possible time-frame for death of his father, David TAYLOR  ...  death for William PARK  ...  marriage for
Margaret CROMARTY  ...  deaths for Robert PARK and Barbara DASS  ...  marriage for James WYLIE  ...
marriage for Walter SINCLAIR / Jane BRUCE  ...  death and occupation for John ROSS  ...  marriage for Donald
 ...  deaths for Magnus KNIGHT and Catherine LAIRD  ...

 updated data
 as of 25 August 2005  --

marriage for Isaac GROAT  ...  marriage for Samuel LOUTTIT  ...  marriage for Chirsty ROSIE  ...  marriage for
Catherine GARRIOCH  ...  marriage for Catherine BENSTON  ...  marriage for Jean GARRIOCH  ...  marriage
for Magnus BERSTON / Jane TAYLOR  ...  2nd marriage for John SUTHERLAND / and update for possible
time-frame for death of his 1st spouse, Jane ALLAN  ...  marriage for William MOWAT  ...  marriage for Charles
 ...  marriage for John NORQUOY / Margaret CHRISTIE  ...  marriage for James LAIRD  ...  2nd marriage
for Maurice SUTHERLAND (to Ann STEWART)  / and update for possible time-frame for death of his 1st spouse,
Isabella CALDER  ...  marriage for David WARDS  ...  marriage for William NORQUOY  ...  2nd marriage for
Edward ROSIE / and update for possible time-frame for death of his 1st spouse, Jane GROAT  ...  marriage for
John DASS  ...  marriage for Euphemia BRUCE  ...  marriage for Samuel NORQUOY  ...

 updated data
 as of 3 August 2005  --

marriage for James GUTCHER / Catherine GUTCHER  ...  marriage for James ALLAN  ...  marriage for Samuel
 ...  marriage for James SYMISON / Margaret ROSIE  ...  marriage for Barbara SUTHERLAND  ...
marriage for Magnus LEITH / Isabella CROMARTY  ...  marriage for John LEITH / Catherine DUNNET  ...
marriage for James ROSIE  ...  marriage for John WALLS / Isabella CROMARTY  plus an update for possible
time-frame for deaths of John Walls'  father and mother, James WALLS and Elspet CHALMERS  ...  marriage
for Margaret MUNRO  ...  marriage for William SINCLAIR / Jean CHRISTIE  ...  2nd marriage for James ROSIE (to Margaret DAVIDSON)  ...  marriage for Betty CROMARTY  ...  marriage for John ALLAN / Bell CROMARTY  ...
marriage for James ROSIE / Betty ROSS  ...

 updated data
 as of 15 July 2005  --

marriage for Peter LAUGHTON / Ann SUTHERLAND  ...  marriage for James KNIGHT  ...  marriage for James
/ Margaret WOLDRAGE  ...  marriage for George PARK  ...  birth/baptism for Mary ROSS  ...  marriage for
James SANDISON / Elizabeth RUSLAND  ...  birth/baptism for Barbara ROSS (plus her marriage to Benjamin
)  ...  marriage for John NORQUOY / Mary NORQUOY  ...  marriage for Barbara DEARNESS  ...
birth/baptism and marriage for Margaret CROMARTY  ...  marriage for Michael BROWN  ...  2nd marriage for
Samuel ROSS (to Catherine CROMARTY)  ...  marriage for Magnus CROMARTY /  and update for possible
time-frame for death of mother, Margaret STEWART  ...  marriage for Arthur ESSON / Alexandrina SPENCE  ...
marriage for Barbara McBEATH  ...  marriage for Robert BRODIE / Jean CROMARTY  ...  marriage for John
/ Bell ANNAL  ...  marriage for James TAYLOR / Jean JOHNSTONE  plus an update for possible
time-frame for death of James Taylor's father, John TAYLOR  ...

 updated data
 as of 11 July 2005  --

marriage for William LEITH / Jessie PARK  ...  baptism for Samuel CROMARTY  ...  marriage for John
/ Betty CROMARTY  ...  marriage for Jean TOMISON  ...  baptism for David WARDS  ...  baptism
for Robert WARDS  ...  marriage for Eric WARDS  ...  marriage for Bell SANDISON (to William NORQUAY) /
and update for possible time-frame for death of her father-in-law, William NORQUAY  ...  marriage for Robert WOLDRAGE  ...  2nd marriage for Ann SANDISON / and update for possible time-frame for death of her 1st
spouse, James LEITH  ...  2nd marriage for John CUMMING  ...  marriage for William WOLDRAGE / Barbara
 plus additional notes regarding the possible first name of Barbara Sutherland's father, the
spouse of Barbara SINCLAIR / and an update for possible time-frame for death of William Woldrage's mother, Margaret WALLS  ...  marriage for Magnus SCOTT / and update for possible time-frame for death and occupation
of his father, Magnus SCOTT  ...  marriage for John SCOTT  ...  marriage for William BANKS  ...

 updated data
 as of 9 July 2005
      New Page added to the main 1821 Census site    

The ANNAL family, from whom I received the permission to put the South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and
Pentland Skerries 1821 Census on-line, has provided me with a digital image of a page of handwritten
notes which the owner of the transcript copy of this census, Alex T. [Sandy] ANNAL, wrote in the year 1997.
Sandy titled this "History of this Manuscript".

 updated data
 as of 17 June 2005
      Important Updates for five of the 1821 Census pages on the main census site    

The ANNAL family, from whom I received the permission to put the South Ronaldsay, Burray, Swona and
Pentland Skerries 1821 Census on-line, has offered a few updates to a handful of pages for this census.
They relate to "margin notes" that the owner of the transcript copy of this census, Alex T. [Sandy] ANNAL, frequently adds to the original document.

The first is a change in both the image for Page 1 of the 1821 Census, and, subsequently, my transcript for
Page 1
, with two of the margin notes taken out, as they were not on Sandy's original copy.  The old margin
notes, "son a Missionary eaten by Canibals" next to Thomas ROSIE's name, and the one, "Marr. Arthur
Dearness" by Elizabeth ANNAL's name, have been removed for this reason.  (View OLDER image for
Page 1

The second update is that we were able to decipher the handwriting for a word on the image for Page 5 that
was previously undetermined.  The word, within the margin note entry by John KENNEDY's name at Farewell
Household #38, is "Genetical".  (View OLDER transcript for Page 5.)

The third update is an addition of a margin note that Sandy ANNAL added on the new image for Page 4 and its
resulting change on my transcript for Page 4.  Sandy's new margin note, for Donald GUNN, head of Farewell
Household #26, states, "Related to Burnett -- High Wycombe".  (View OLDER image for Page 4.)

The fourth update is another new margin note added by Sandy ANNAL, for John ANNAL, head of South Parish
Household #55, which states, "Son of William Annal and Margaret Stout -- Long Hope".  This results in the
posting of the new image for Page 48 and the change on my transcript for Page 48.  (View OLDER image
for Page 48

The final update sent to me this week by the ANNAL family is an additional margin note written by Sandy
ANNAL, for Alex. GUNN - age 14, of Swona Household #3, which states, "father of David Gunn -- wife Jessy
Robertson, Stroma".  An added benefit of this change for Page 64 is that the new image for Page 64 sent to
me this week shows a much better photocopy than the previous image I had received - the older image had
some blurring for Swona Household #7.  (View OLDER image for Page 64.)  My new transcript for Page 64
has also had its margin notations updated accordingly.

The associated entries in  'Lisa's Additional Research Notes'  have also been amended.

 updated data
 as of 28 May 2005  --

2nd marriage for Malcolm WALLS (to Elizabeth THOMSON)  ...  marriage for Robert MUIR  ...  marriage for Gordon
/ Jean TAIT  ...  marriage for James BANKS / Eliza ALLAN  ...  marriage for John GROAT / Ann SYMISON  ...
marriage for Alexander ALLAN  ...  marriage for Laing GUTHRIE  ...  2nd marriage for Thomas LOUTTIT  ...
marriage for Thomas THOMSON / Elizabeth LOUTTIT  plus an update for possible time-frame for deaths of both
parties' fathers (Andrew THOMSON and James LOUTTIT, respectively)  ...  marriage for Christina LOUTTIT  ...
marriage for James SINCLAIR  ...  marriage for Joseph OMOND  ...  marriage for James DUNCAN / Isabella
 ...  marriage for William NICOLSON / and update for father's first name  ...  marriage for Robert ROSIE /
Michal LAUGHTON  plus an update for possible time-frame for death of Michal's father, John LAUGHTON
(notation under Michal's mother's entry)  ...  marriage for William WARDS  ...

 updated data
 as of 28 April 2005  --

baptism for James RAINY  ...  baptism for Ann RAINY  ...  marriage for Catherine COGLE  ...  marriage for Bell
 ...  marriage for James McIVER / Catherine ROSIE  ...  2nd marriage for Eliza[beth] ROSIE / and
update for possible time-frame for death of her 1st spouse, Donald BUDGE  ...  marriage for John OMAND / Sarah
 ...  marriage for David GUNN / Barbara TAIT  ...  update for occupation of Donald GUNN  ...  marriage for
John SUTHERLAND / Ann GOW  ...  birth/baptism for Jane SUTHERLAND  ...  marriage for John CROMARTY /
Jess WARDS  ...  marriage for James BANKS  ...  2nd marriage for James FLAWS / and update for possible time-
frame for death of his 1st spouse, Barbara GROAT  ...  update for birth/baptism entry for Daniel BUDGE  ...